OurPath Culture

In 2014, Chris & Mike quit their rock and roll lives as healthcare strategy consultants to start their own health technology company. When we started, we knew we didn’t want to create a 9-5.

We wanted to create an environment where talented people could be empowered to put their best work in to the hands of people that really need it. As we continue to grow, we hope these principles will help and guide each person joining us.


Company values are often meaningless. So we decided to make them better than “honesty, integrity, and teamwork”.

Our values are the behaviours and traits that we reward and encourage in the company. They're the code you live by and contract that you sign when you join. They're what we look for in hiring and they are what is expected of you.

We have 5 of them.

  1. Focus on impact

    We're a small team with limited resources & huge aspirations. That only works if we do the important things. That means each day is an act of prioritisation and most importantly, getting stuff done.

  2. Do the right thing

    We're trying to solve a global problem with no easy solution. We expect everyone that joins us to be onboard with that & understand the context of why we do what we do.

  3. Keep growing

    We believe your only barriers are those that you set yourself. We want people who have a thirst for knowledge and self-development. Those who believe that in the future, they can be better.

  4. Let data guide you

    We are not our customers. It's important to stay humble and make decisions based on the data and information available to us, not our own biases and preconceptions.

  5. Enjoy the ride

    Fast growing companies have a lot of uncertainty and many course corrections. That can be exciting, empowering, but above all, stressful. Recognising this and being comfortable with it is a key part of being successful with us.

Dream Team

We’re a team trying to solve something that no-one has ever solved before. We solve this through an exceptional team. But what does that really look like in practice?

We believe that a great place to work is being surrounded by stunning people, that you respect and learn from.

Companies will label themselves as a family. This is misleading. Your family are with you for life, despite how they would be to work with.

We’re more a high performance team than a family.

That doesn’t mean we don’t look out for each other. It certainly doesn’t mean we don’t care.

This just means we want great people in every position.


This is a very brief look in to why we’re doing what we’re doing, and how we’re currently doing it. We can always do it better, so any input on how we change the working culture is always appreciated. If you don’t speak up, it won’t get done. OurPath will be a different company a few years from now because you’re going to change it for the better.

We can’t wait to see where you take us.