Sandy: ’It turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done.’

After years of yo-yo dieting and the prospect of a lifetime of counting calories, Sandy needed something different. She now feels in control, has lost over 10% of her body weight, and is no longer at risk of type-2 diabetes. Perhaps more importantly, she is enjoying her food again!

A bit about me and why I joined OurPath

At 60 years old and having spent most of my adult life yo-yo dieting, counting calories or fasting on the 5:2 diet; I did still think I was pretty clued up about nutrition. To me, this meant eating sparingly, incorporating as many low-fat products as possible. So long as I was ‘counting’, the weight came off but the moment I stopped, on it went again which reinforced my beliefs about how I should be eating.

My WeightWatchers leader said I would need to count/diet for the rest of my life! Unable to face that prospect (life is too short!) and although I was not drastically overweight, my waist measurement was putting me at risk of type 2 diabetes. I thought there had to be a better way, and then, I discovered OurPath. I admit to being pretty sceptical at first and asked many questions before joining – it turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done.

What I like about the programme

So, it turns out that I wasn’t as clued up about nutrition as I thought. This programme turned everything I knew on its head. At the outset, I almost felt afraid to eat all this delicious food using butter, olive oil and full-fat versions of things. Not counting the points or calories and couldn’t believe I could lose weight this way, but after my initial chat with Kirstie my mentor, she provided some more individual advice, guidance and reassurance and gave me the confidence to go with it and lose weight is exactly what I did.

Not only have I lost weight, but I’m also once again enjoying foods that have been ‘forbidden’ for so long. The education, articles and holistic approach are brilliant and I’ve learned what healthy eating really is, but more importantly, I’ve learned how your own mindset and sleep (among other things) can affect your health. The knowledge I’ve gained has helped me enormously. There’s a lot of information and suggestions provided, but read it all, try things out and see what fits and take what works best for you.

Having a personal mentor was just about the best thing – SO much knowledge immediately to hand, never judgmental, offering advice, and suggestions, when needed, are just some of the benefits. Interacting with my group meant I never felt alone and it was good to know there were others on the same path and who felt just like I did – their support was invaluable too.

How I feel now

The yo-yoing has stopped, my mindset towards food has completely changed (I was definitely a ‘well, I’ve blown it now so I might as well eat what I like for the rest of the week and start again on Monday’ person). Now, I have occasional treats without any guilt and go straight back to healthy eating – I’m in control now, not my mind or my cravings. I feel better, my weight has dropped and I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn for several years and (yay!), and I’m no longer in the at-risk of type 2 diabetes.

Feeling in control is the best. I’ve lost more than 10% of my body weight which is what I was aiming for. I’ve learned that, yes, a weekend away or a holiday may result in a little gain, I don’t feel guilty about it and I’m confident that so long as I return to eating healthily straight away, I’m back to my true weight again really quickly.

The advice I would give

This isn’t magic, it isn’t a ‘fad’; it’s a lifestyle change that puts you in control. Be committed. But my biggest tip of all would be to make the most of your mentor during the 12-week programme. They have so much knowledge to give – ask questions, get advice on recipes and get guidance/reassurance on choices from menus at restaurants you’re going to, get your food plans checked when it’s offered, ask for help if you’re struggling – they will have ideas and suggestions that may not occur to you.

Your mentor really will be your guide and support (kind of like your OurPath angel!) and will make a massive difference to your journey. If you’re hesitating – don’t; join up, you won’t regret it!

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13 October, 2019

How much does it cost?

18 October, 2019

Hi Dee,

The tech programme costs £30 a month for the 3-month programme, so £90 total. Or, the tech programme is £60 a month (£180 in total).

If you click on the ‘get plan’ button in the top right corner, it will take you through our health quiz so you’ll get an idea whether the programme is suitable for you and your goals 🙂

Hope this helps!


Amanda Burleigh
1 December, 2019

Thank you for sharing Sandy. Your story is my story. Weight watchers and deprivation and then piling all the lost weight back on when I stop counting. I am starting the programme tomorrow and really looking forwards to a new way of food, health and life.